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RSO Course - 2023

  • 15 Apr 2023
  • 08:00 - 19:00
  • Lease
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Registration is closed

Registration for this course is now closed.

**Please note: until you have submitted payment for the course, your slot is not reserved. Payment is required to hold your slot.**

Course Date / Time:
  • Saturday: 15 APR 2023 - KGAC Lease, 0800L - 1900L.

Payment Options:

  • Credit Card (through the "Register" button on this page).
  • e-Transfer (send to "payments@kgac.ca" - when registering through the website, choose "Invoice Me" rather than "Pay Online").
Equipment Requirements:
  • Your entire home study package (the Training Coordinator will email you all pertinent documents) - print them out
  • Pen/pencil & note pad
  • All Forms must be filled out at home – there will be no time for it on the course
  • Lease Key Form with a photocopy of your PAL (both sides)
  • Must present RPAL to staff – If you do not possess an RPAL - present a copy of your RPAL course report  from the CFRSC) *Not applicable for minors*
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment); aka: eye & ear protection
  • 1 x Rifle, 1 x Shotgun, 1 x Handgun, and for each firearm 50 rds of ammunition
  • Semi-automatic handguns with a magazine disconnect safety will not be allowed
  • Caliber doesn’t matter
  • When borrowing a restricted gun, have the lender bring/pick-up gun to/from the Lease, that way you are in compliance with ATT requirements. When borrowing any gun - ensure that the gun is understood by the operator - there is no time for familiarization on the course! Operate the gun and conduct live fire prior to the course
  • 10 x Paper/Cardboard target (purchased or home-made)
  • Have a toboggan/wheel car/garden trolley/stroller and folding chair to move all your equipment around the Lease
  • Candidates will not be going back and forth from your vehicle - you will carry all of your equipment for the day - time is of the essence
  • Bring your own Range Box (staple gun, targets, tape, cleaning rod, bore lite, etc.)
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • 2 x Garbage bags (pack out your own waste)
  • Lunch & beverages (working lunch)
  • 1.5 L of water for your consumption

(FYI: this course is a pass/fail course with tests on command of live firing lines, and an overall knowledge test – based on your home study package and material covered in the classroom – hence: simple participation does not equal automatic qualification).

The Kananaskis Gun & Archery Club has developed its own recognized RSO course program for the specific needs of the Lease requirements, and to meet, enforce, comply with and adhere to the conditions set by the Landlords (Government of Alberta & Town of Canmore), as well as the KGAC Consolidated Range Safety & Operation Rules. KGAC highly recommends that all members attain this certification.

Successful candidates will:

  • Be able to manage the overall day use of the Lease;
  • Be capable of commanding live firing lines at all ranges of the Lease;
  • Have a sound knowledge of the Range Commands used at/on the Lease (The Club uses internationally recognized Range Commands [NATO/IPSC/IDPA/Law Enforcement]);
  • Have a knowledge of Range Templates in general, and a specific knowledge of Templates at our Lease;
  • Have a good thorough understanding of the SOR 98-212 (the document that governs Gun Ranges/Gun Clubs) under the Firearms Act of Canada;
  • Be able to act as a DRSO on scheduled days;
  • Access the Lease at their leasure anytime during operating hours;
Upon completion of the course:
  • Successful candidates will be trusted with a Lease key;
  • Successful candidates will receive RSO uniforms (Jacket/Ballcap/Toque); and
  • Successful candidates will receive an RSO certificate and an RSO endorsement membership badge.

As voted by the membership at the June 2021 meeting, all RSO's as of 2025 onward must be Holster qualified.

Minor RSO qualified persons:
Minors are encouraged and are welcomed to participate in the RSO course (they do not require an RPAL to take the course). Minors will be granted a Minor RSO Certificate, and gain full RSO recognition upon their 18th birthday (when they receive their RPAL).

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