KGAC Pledge

The KGAC Pledge to Safe & Lawful Shooting Sports, the Wildlife, and the Lease Environment.

Safe Range Conduct and Operation

Since 1954, the KGAC has provided a controlled, safe environment to the public and its members, to engage in legal shooting activities. The Club has a long-standing history of teaching and instructing its own Range Safety Officer (RSO) Program. To date, over four hundred students have graduated from this recognized program.

The Club has always enforced the Rules & Regulations that stipulate the conduct and execution of lawful shooting sports in Canada.

The Club’s Mission Statement:
The KGAC actively supports all shooting and archery sports by providing firearms owners and archers a club range to engage, participate in and execute legal and safe shooting activities.


The Lease Environment: The Club has, since being located at the current Lease, hauled away 26 metric tons of garbage from the previous Lease holder (sawmill operation). The Club stipulates in its Operation Regulations that no garbage can be left at the Lease – whether personal or operational waste. The stewardship of our Lease has the highest priority so that the shooting athletes of tomorrow inherit a pristine Lease, rich of fauna and local wildlife. All wildlife is protected on the KGAC Lease.

Wildlife on the Lease

Being situated in a wildlife corridor has given the Club the unique opportunity to be The Patron of the wildlife inhabitants, as well as the transient wildlife. The Club has responded to this responsibility by conducting a local wildlife study since the early 1990s. Dr. Bruce Leeson – a renowned international wildlife biologist – has volunteered thousands of man-hours to study, document, investigate and inform on the many species that are present at the Lease. All members report and record all wildlife movement sighted on the Lease to keep the survey accurate and up-to-date.

The Club is extremely proud to note that some of our habitual wildlife are of the fourth generation! We are dedicated and proud to share the Lease with: wolves, coyotes, bears (Black and Grizzly), cougars, foxes, bobcats, whitetail and mule deer, owls, eagles, skunks, elk, moose, and many rodents and birds.

Wildlife has the right of way at the Lease. Whenever any wildlife is present – all activity stops until they wander off elsewhere (there can be times where the activity stops for longer periods of time when wildlife is grazing). There is never any human interaction with wildlife. It is always given a wide berth, and allowed to pass through the lease without hazing or harassment.

It may seem counterintuitive, however the results of an ongoing 30 year wildlife study, supplemented by an abundance of trail camera evidence, irrefutably demonstrates that wildlife habitat and migration is not only unaffected by the KGAC as a Lease holder, but the impacts on wildlife when compared to residential or commercial development on the land are completely negligible. This is a unique situation in the province, as the KGAC is the only range located in a wildlife corridor, and was present on the land prior to that designation.

While the Club’s main effort focuses on providing a controlled, safe and lawful environment to conduct and exercise shooting activities - the wildlife and the up-keep of the natural environment of the Lease are of equal importance to the Club and its members.

The Club’s focus is to guarantee a co-existing and co-habituating environment for generations to come – human and wildlife – hand in hand.

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