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Please read all of the information below carefully, prior to starting your application.
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*** Next member induction is 09 OCT 2024. All applications must be received by 09 SEP 2024.***

Membership is available to residents of any Province or Territory of Canada.

All levels of membership (aside from Associate) require sponsorship by a current KGAC Member in good standing, of no less than two
consecutive years. A KGAC Member cannot sponsor more than six (6) applicants per calendar year.

If you are new to the Bow Valley, or do not know any members of the club, an Associate membership is a great place to start. It will allow you to meet club members, and get to know the KGAC community. Alternatively, the Executive can sponsor you for full membership. In this case you would start by filling out a questionnaire, then attending a Lease walk through, and finally being interviewed by a member of the Executive Team. Use the contact form for further information on ET sponsorships.

Full members (with KGAC RSO status) receive a Lease key, and are entitled to access the Lease anytime during Lease operating hours.

Associate members are permitted Lease access on Saturdays & Sundays, at a $25.00 per day fee, when a DRSO is scheduled to be present. DRSOs are scheduled on the weekends from 01 April - 30 September.

Associate members, and full KGAC members that are not RSO certified, may visit the lease when a KGAC DRSO is scheduled to be present. They may also make arrangements with a KGAC RSO to be present (at the discretion of that RSO), to allow the Associate or non-RSO member to shoot. Associate visitor fee of $25.00 per day will still apply.

Renewals begin on 01 October of the year, and are due in the Executive Team's hands no later than 31 December, for the following year. Late renewals will not be accepted. Members that renew after 0000L on 01 January must re-apply as a New Member, which will include being sponsored by an existing Member (in good standing of no less than two consecutive years), and payment of the full application fee (including initiation fee).

We prefer that all new applications come through this website (below), as it lessens the burden on our volunteer Executive Team. If you cannot complete your application online, please contact us for a paper application.

New Member Induction

  • New members can only be inducted at the March, June, October & December club meetings, in person, by their sponsor (both New Member & Sponsor must be present at the induction meeting).
  • New Members must attend the Lease-Range-Safety-Orientation the Sunday following their induction meeting. New Members will only receive their club ID badge after attending the Lease-Range-Safety-Orientation (New Members missing their Lease-Range-Safety-Orientation will be deferred to the next Lease-Range-Safety-Orientation).
  • Associates do not attend the club induction meeting, but must attend the Lease-Range-Safety-Orientation.
  • Candidates or Sponsors not attending the induction meeting will have their application deferred once.
  • The Executive must receive the application for New Membership (including full payment) no later than 30 calendar days prior to the induction meeting.
  • Potential New Members shall be voted in by the members present at the Club meeting. The vote shall be held in the open (not by ballot, but by a show of hands).
  • Should a potential Member be rejected; a full refund is granted.
  • The Executive has the right of sponsoring new members.

Questions about becoming a member?
Please check out our non-members FAQ, as there are many common (and some not so common) questions answered there.
For further information, please refer to our Consolidated Range Safety & Operation Rules. Answers to almost all questions about our facility are covered in this document.

All new memberships are subject to a one-time initiation fee of $300 ($150 for Associate).

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