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Project Mapleseed - 2023 (#1)

  • 15 Jul 2023
  • 08:00
  • Lease
This course is now full.

**Please note: until you have submitted payment for the course, your slot is not reserved. Payment is required to hold your slot.**

Course Information
Project Mapleseed is an apolitical rifle marksmanship training program that focuses on teaching traditional rifle marksmanship from standing, sitting/kneeling, and prone positions in a one day shooting clinic termed a "Mapleseed".  It is a non-profit, all volunteer run organization committed to helping Canadians develop fundamental marksmanship skills, and in the safe handling of firearms.

Project Mapleseed is open to shooters of all ages. The minimum you need is a rimfire rifle, 400 rounds of ammunition and a teachable attitude. Mapleseed is open to all sight types including scopes. The .22LR semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles are the most commonly seen for their ease of use during the mandatory magazine changes and low ammo cost.  Bring what you have; the shooting fundamentals taught apply to the shooter, not their rifle. The goal is to learn and have fun.


  • Saturday: 15 JUL 2023 - KGAC Lease, 0800L - 1700L.

Fees:    Adults - $100.00
             Military, Police, Fire, EMS - $75.00
             Youth (Under 18) - $25.00

Visitors / Guests
are welcome, and subject to the additional visitor fees below:
              Adults - $25.00
              Youth (under 18) - Fee covered by Project Mapleseed

**Please Note:
Minor participants must be accompanied by their parent/guardian for the duration of the event. The parent/guardian, however, does not need to register/pay unless they are also shooting.

Payment Options

Registration and payment are handled by Mapleseed directly.
Once you have registered and paid, please send an email to EventsCoordinator@kgac.ca so we can track the number of participants.

Registration Link:

A Mapleseed event is designed to provide structured and safe rifle fundamentals to hunters and shooters of all ages and provides a solid framework of basic rifleman skills that benefits new and experienced shooters alike. For the new shooter we can teach you to use your rifle safely and also be able to hit your target. For the seasoned shooter we can teach you to shoot more accurately - even out to 500 yards.

The ultimate goal of a "Mapleseed" is to teach students to maintain a 4 minutes of angle (MOA) precision and accuracy,  This translates into being able to put all shots into a 20 inch target at 500 yards. Qualification targets are shot to evaluate progress and for score. The goal is to score 210 points or better on a 40-shot course that has 250 possible points.  This earns the coveted Rifleman’s Patch and is roughly equivalent to scoring Marksman (85%) as member of the infantry in the Canadian Armed Forces. 

Project Mapleseed website:

"What is Project Mapleseed" video:

What to bring:

  • Rimfire rifle (any action is permissible).
  • 2 to 4 magazines to fit the caliber and model of rifle (magazine changes mandatory).
  • Shooting pad or mat (yoga mat or sleeping mat is permissible). Padding is ideal; you will be on the ground, and changing positions frequently.
  • Sling for the rifle; ideally two point (USGI sling recommended).
  • 400 rounds ammunition.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Notebook/notepad.
  • Pen, pencil, marker.
  • Hat to keep off sun and block spent brass from hitting you in the eye.
  • Water or other non-alcoholic beverages to last the day.
  • Lunch (and snacks) as we take lunch at the range so we can continue with the course.
  • Sunscreen, bug repellent, lip balm.
  • Chair (for classroom instruction).
  • Brass bag to pick up brass (optional, but picking brass is mandatory per KGAC rules).

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